At Ceol na nGleannta/Music of the Glens School of Piping, our teachers have a particular specialization in traditional Irish music arranged for the Píob Mhór - Irish or Scots Gaelic for "Great Pipes" or "Big Pipes"  a/k/a warpipes, highland pipes, great highland pipes or GHP's).  The tunes we teach in this context are the same ones played by uileann pipers  or other musicians playing traditional Irish music, to the extent that they fit on the Big Pipes.

"Clan Marches"

O'Sullivan's March - Máirseáil Uí Shúilleabháin

O'Gorman's March - An Seanduine Dóite

O'Donovan's March - The Eagle's Whistle

O'Neill's War March

The March of the King of Laois - Rory Óg O'Moore's March

O'Donnell Abu

Traditional Marches

Lord Mayo

The Plains of Mayo

The Battle of Aughrim

The Pikeman's March

Mo Ghile Mear


Shane O'Neill


The West Awake

An Sean Ceann Doncad

An Ghaoth Aneas - The South Wind

As She Moved through the Fair

Buachaill an Éirne

Seán O'Dwyer of the Glen

Liturgical Tunes

Naomh Mhuire

Deus Meus

Immaculate Mary


The Boys of Blue Hill

The Sweeps - The Belfast Hornpipe

The Derry Hornpipe



Peg Ryan's Polka - Beginner's Arrangement

Peg Ryan's Polka - Advanced Arrangement

Seán Ryan's


Denis Murphy's

Johnny Chewing Bubblegum

Britches with Stitches





Slip Jigs