Sonny Brogan’s Mazurka

A. Learner’s Arrangement

1. Score

Mazurkas constitute a distinctive part of the traditional dance music of County Donegal, Ireland. As a couple’s dance, it is no longer popular. The Polish dance entered [Ireland] in the 1840’s. Unlike the Polish mazurek, which may have an accent on the second or third beat of a bar, the Irish mazurka (masúrca in the Irish language) is consistently accented on the second beat, giving it a unique feel. –

2. Audio File, Learner’s Arrangement:

Listen to this audio file of Sonny Brogan’s Mazurka, Learner’s Arrangement at a slow tempo with a metronome beat included.

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B. Advanced Arrangement

1. Score, Advanced Arrangement

2. Audio File, Advanced Arrangement

Listen to audio file of Sonny Brogan’s Mazurka (Advanced Arrangement)

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