O’Neill’s War March

The O’Neill dynasty.. or Ó Néill, is a group of families of Irish Gaelic origin,
that have held prominent positions and titles in Ireland and elsewhere.
As Chiefs of Cenél nEógain, the Northern Uí Néill, they are a prominent family
in Ulster along with the O’Donnell and O’Doherty. The O’Neills hold
that their ancestors were Kings of Ailech as descendants of Niall of the
Nine Hostages. A number of their progenitors and members are
named as High Kings of Ireland O’Neills were sovereign Kings of Tír Eógain,
holding territories particularly around what is today County Tyrone.
After the land was caught up in the Plantation of Ulster, they were involved in a
number of significant events, such as Tyrone’s Rebellion, the Flight of the Earls, the
Irish Rebellion of 1641 and the Irish Confederate Wars.

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