Peg Ryan’s Polka – Learner’s Arrangements

A. Learner’s Arrangement 1

1. Score

This tune is often one of the first traditional tune learned by people on a variety of instruments.

This arrangement is a good one for new piping students; the only embellishments are some single grace-notes.
Learner’s Arrangement 2, below, introduces some doublings and the D throw.

2. Printable Score

3. Audio File

Audio file of Peg Ryan’s Polka, Learner’s Arrangement, on the practice chanter.

B. Learner’s Arrangement 2

1. Score:

A two – part arrangement with embellishments.

2. Printable Score:

3. Audio File:

Audio file of Peg Ryan’s Polka, Learner’s Arrangement 2


Click here for advanced arrangement.