Low-hand Doublings Exercises

The Low-hand Doublings

What they are:  Low-hand doublings are played on notes Low G, Low A, B and C.

How to play them:  Play a High G Grace (raise and lower the top hand index finger in a quick movement – sounds like a “blip”) on the note (Low G, Low A, B or C), then play a D grace note on that same note (raise and lower the bottom hand index finger).  After playing the first gracenote, make sure you hear the low hand note (Low G, Low A, B or C) the doubling is played on before playing the second the second gracenote.

Note: One cannot play a “low-hand” doubling on the note D, even though D is a note on the bottom hand.  This is because it is not possible to play a D gracenote on D itself.  Another doubling can be played on D to achieve the same musical ornamentation as the lowhand doubling does on the other mentioned notes;  that doubling will be introduced at a later point.

Low-hand Doubling Exercises:

Doubling Exercise 1:  The Low-hand Doubling

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2.  Printable .pdf file:  Doublings Exercise 1 Low-hand Doublings
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Doubling Exercise 2:  Low-hand Doublings on C  and B

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2.  Printable .pdf file:  Exercise 2 C and B doublings
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